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Dave the RockWizard. Music for your entertainment. Avalable for live performances, Functions, Receptions, Parties and Session work,
Playing some Blues.
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Dave the RockWizard; The music I play is mixture of original compositions and revamped covers consisting of instrumental pieces and vocalized classics. Music by Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Pink Floyd, Stealy Dan, Dya Straits, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Al Di Molia and more. I am continuously adding more to my repertoire and refining my performance. My original music is very much in the style of the above.

Amplification That I utilize.
Firstly I never need to run my amplification at maximum outpt level, I do not like to play loud, I like a comfortable sound level. However to obtain a Sweet melow tonality and avoid distortion from maximum levels, it is nessesey to utilize amplifies and speakers of a adequate power and size.

For Very confined spaces and where there is a high sound level restrictions I use a 20 wat Amp.

Where there there is a less confined space and lower sound level restrictions I use a 80 wat Amp and a 20 wat folld back.

Where there is ample space and a minimum sound level restriction. I use a 100 wat guitar Amp and a PA cosisting of 400 wat front of house and 200 wat fold back. This systen can be spit in half for a more confined space if necessary and can kater for guest performers if need-be.