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Dave the RockWizard. Music for your entertainment. Avalable for live performances, Functions, Receptions, Parties and Session work,
Funk Instrumental. Original
Car Boogie Instrumental. Originl
Minor Blues Instrumental. Original
Blues Shuffle Instrumental.
Blurs Boogie Instrumental.
Rock & Roll Instrumental.
Slow Blues Instrumental.
Sunshine Of Your Love. - Cream
Hideaway. - Blues Brakers Instrumental.
Steppin Out. - Blues Brakers Instrumental. -
So Far Away From Me. - Dia Straits.
Sultans Of Swing. Dia Straits.
Wish You Were Here. - Pink Floyd..
Comfortably Numb. - Pink Floyd..
Sugerloaf Express. - Lee Ritenour Instrumental.
Tightrope Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Texas Floods Ozzy Mod. - Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Cause Weve Ended As Lovers. Jeff Beck Instrumental.
You Know What I Mean. - Jeff Beck Instrumental.
Shes A Woman. Jeff Beck Instrumental.
Do-It-Again. - Steely Dan.
Always With You Always With Me. - Jo Satriarni Instrumental.
Europa. - Carlos Santana Instrumental.
Ritmo De La Notch. - Al Di Molia Instrumental.
EtaCarinae. - Original Dave Devers.
Earth Loop. - Original Dave Devers.
Aurora. - Original Dave Devers.
Hotel California. - Eagles.
Smoke On The Water. - Deep Purple.
Wind Cries Mary. - Jimmy Hendrix.
Red House. - Jimmy Hendrix.
All Along The Watch Tower Instrumental.
Foxy Instrumental
Sweet Home Alabama Instrumental.
Slow Slow Blues Instrumental. - Original Dave Devers.
Stairway To Heaven - LedZepplin
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Music Mp3 CD's
Daves Electronics
Stealthtone Guitar Pickups